Yepzon GPS Personal Locator Device Review

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5/5 on March 17, 2016

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101 reviews


Small, durable little package.

Separate account tracking and usage.  No separate contract.


Small enough to hide.


Easily forgotten by kids and elderly.  Required alert person to ensure they are wearing it.


Top ratings from us at My Kids Geo for this GPS tracking device.  Highly recommended.

I’m usually the guy who leaves my phone at a store register as I’m paying.  Or I put my keys down somewhere and I can’t find them.  It’s really hard for me to keep track of my stuff.  And those are just the things that can’t get up and wander off my themselves.  Imagine the difficulty that I have when my stuff is up and about, roaming around in the real world and on the move with a mind of it’s (their) own.  That’s why I review GPS watches for kids.

This particular item, though is a little different than a GPS locator watch.  Instead, the Yepzon GPS tracker is a wearable little fob or tag.

The Yepzon works great in the US and even in all European Union countries.  It’s simple to pair the Yepzon with a smart phone, either by Bluetooth or NFC.  Then just specify it a name and the Activity Mode which determines how often the Yepzon will send location updates to the monitoring phone.

The application to download is free on iOS devices and Android on their respective app’s market.  The accuracy is pretty spot on and dependable, as well; you can get a location of within 3.5 feet

Battery life is good, too, on the Yepzon GPS tracker.  It has a micro USB port to charge and the app will notify you when it needs charging.  You can count on the Yepzon to last about a week on one charge.  If you need a longer run time then you can use the sleep mode more often.  Also, there are also external battery packsto charge on the go.

Other Features of the Yepzon Locator GPS Device include:

  • Flat, curved and smooth cornered rectangular device that is easy to wear around the neck OR on a belt loot and stuffed in jeans pockets.
  • Waterproof so you don’t have to worry about young people trashing it.
  • Very, very light weight at 1.6 oz.
  • No buttons so it can’t get accidentally turned off.
  • Update location every 10 seconds if you wanted too!
  • The initial buy comes with 6 months worth of data usage and then just $4.95 per mont thereafter. (If you don’t like it then you don’t have to pay to continue to use it after 6 months.)

The Yepzon personal locator device is a versatile, tough, little GPS tracker that can be use for many things; track your children, locating where your teen is at (they won’t even know if you don’t tell them), tracking pets on their collar, glove compartments of cars, elderly people.  On the off chance that you run a business and want to track your employees then this can do that, too.