Why You and Your Child Need a GPS Watch

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You’re on a busy street.  You’re at a fair, carnival, or amusement park.  There was an emergency at the mall or department store.  Whatever it was that happened you and your child have become separated.  What do you do?

  • Ask the police?  They’d be willing to help if they weren’t so busy responding to the situation or looking for 20 other children at the same time.
  • Request assistance from other people?  They might be preoccupied with their own safety and their own family.
  • Run around frantically, calling out your child’s name?  This is what happens in the majority of these kinds of situations and it’s the last place or feeling that any parent ever wants to have.

Whatever it was that happened, you wish that you had a child locator at that precise moment.

Keeping Kids Safe in the Face of Danger

The statistics for missing children, human sex trafficking, and the exploitation of children in the United States and around the world is alarming.  Just imagine if you were able to simply open an app on your phone and have a GPS signal lead right to where your child is; safe and sound and watching a puppet show amidst the crowds.

Unfortunately, missing children happen for more vile reasons than just wandering off and becoming pre-occupied.  With a GPS tracker, if the worst were to happen and your child was taken or in danger, then you could inform the police of the situation and provide real-time intel on your child’s location.  This would greatly enhance the chances of your child being returned to you safely in and being taken out of harm’s way as soon as possible.

Safety Lessons We Teach Our Kids

We all know that children are not always as aware of their surroundings and possible danger as we would like them to be. You’ve tried so hard to teach your children the time-tested practices that help to keep them safe:

  • Never wander too far.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Never talk to strangers.
  • Never get in a strangers car.
  • If they get into an acquaintances car then they should know the safe word.

We teach these things and more to our children on a daily basis.  Every time we read a news story or see a report on the evening news about another missing child or abduction then we make it a point to reinforce those teachings.  No matter how hard you work and how passionately you wish, though, the possibility of your child going missing or being abducted is only too real in today’s world.  It’s rarely the parents fault, too.

Children’s attention span just isn’t matured enough yet.  They become easily distracted and entertained.  Their brains are still developing and their instincts have not yet gotten to where they need to be.  GPS locators for children don’t fix that but they do provide you and your child with another layer of safety and allow you peace of mind that even if the worst were to occur then you would have something that you could lean on for the answers to the questions that would so desperately have at the time.

Child GPS Locators

Many child GPS locators are powered by GPS and sim technology which not only track location but also allow two-way communication and emergency notification.  This one instance where assistance and importance of technology is not in question.

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