TBS Kids GPS Watch and Phone Review

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4.1/5 on March 8, 2016

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Sends location right to parent/guardian phone with a text/SMS request.

Alarm and phone abilities.


Needs SIM card for mobile carrier (pre-paid or contract) in order to function as all features claim.


Very dependable and good child tracking GPS watch when all is set-up and ready for usage.  No child tracking device should be "too simple" or else you would have worries about its dependability.  Solid tracker and sharp looking device.

Looks like a watch.  Acts like a watch, but this child tracking device is so much more.  A Kids GPS Watch (link to Amazon Search Results) that will have you relaxed and not so worried about your child/children.  But could anything make you not worry at all?  We didn’t think so…

When you’re in a crowded area or just want to give your child a little bit more freedom then it pays to have the peace of mind that you can track them whenever you need to.  The TBS Real GPS Kids Tracker Wrist Watch is the type of device that gives you that peace of mind.  It could happen to anyone.  No matter how careful or mindful you are. Don’t take the risk of having your child in danger or lost and not have a way to quickly locate and track them.

Let’s take a closer look at this kid’s GPS watch and see if it’s worth the price of a peaceful mind.

Tbs®3203 Kids GPS Watch with SMS and Phone Review

  • This a good looking, sharp watch and phone.  The appearance is subtle but loud at the same time.  It very much looks like ONLY  a child’s watch and the colors that it is available in will only help to keep that appearance up.  You want your child to be comfortable with it and not have it attract too much attention from would be abductors.
  • Comes built with various functions to include:  GPS, SOS, Monitoring and Alarm
  • The Quad Band CSM phone watch works well in GPS but requires a SIM card with GPRS to function.  (Yes, you’ll need a valid cell/mobile carrier plan for this watch to work.
  • Guardian or parent can request location of watch/child and the watch will send back an SMS/text with Google Map to guardians’ mobile for precise and timely tracking and location of the child.
  • Up to 4 Guardian/parental numbers saved for notifications/queries.  This means you can add various adults, sitters, teachers, care givers, etc to ensure that someone will be available to track and locate. Once user starts SOS call the watch phone will call guardians one by one till someone answers the phone and the issue is resolved.
  • You can command the watch to phone call the guardians’ numbers remotely by sending a text/SMS to the watch.

One of the more common issues that many parents had with the TBS Kids GPS Watch is the necessity of a mobile plan and SIM card for the device to work properly.  Parents were mainly concerned with, and rightly so, the availability of the reception once they trusted one of the mobile networks with their child’s safety and tracking.  However, this watch is also available with pre-pay plans so there is no need for additional contracts, etc.



2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, supports Micro SIM (15*12mm standard).
Battery: 450mAH
Usage Time: 3 Hours
Battery Standby: 120 Hours


GPS Type: GPS.
Up to 4 Guardian phone numbers
On demand GPS location when queried by guardian SMS message


USB Jack
Micro SIM Card Slot – GSM

 Packing contents:

TBS3202 Child Tracking Watch with GPS and SMS

1 Power Adapter

1 USB Cable

1 Ear phone

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