Guardian Angel Child Locator Alarm Review

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3.5/5 on March 7, 2016

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Can track multiple children.

Can be set to alarm, vibrate or melody.


A little bit advance set-up and learning curve.  Easy once you've got it.


Solid child locator and alarm product. Guardian Angel is a great "at the park" type of child locator.

Being in a crowded play ground, amusement park, or even a mall arcade can cause a few twitches of anxiety for a parent when they lose track of their child…even for a second.  There are those that read those words and say…”That would never happen to me” or “What kind of a parent loses their kid?”  The truth is that it could happen to any of use.  And even though there may not be an emergency or missing child at the end of the ordeal (they probably just wandered into a photo booth), that doesn’t make those frantic moments any easier to handle.

So wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get an audible alert when your child wanders off a little too far away before that moment of anxiety hits? Ardi Technologies gives us that security and peace of mind in the Guardian Angel Child Locator System.

Features of the Child GPS and Locator System Include:

Guardian Angel by Ardi Technologies
  • The Guardian Angel comes with 2,3 or 4 tags to track up to 4 children. So this may be a perfect buy for a professional babysitter or day care service as well as parents.
  • Buying the Guardian Kid’s Tracker will have you confident that your child will not and can’t wander off any longer.  Depending on the situation and environment you’re in, the Guardian Angel can be set to go off at 3 different distance settings:

 Near:32’+- 16′ (10m+-5m)    Middle: 64’+-32(20+-10m)    Far:160’+-64′ (50m+-20m)

  • One Base (the parent element) can control up to four tags (child element)  The package reviewed here has 2 tags that come with it but you can order units with up to 4 tags at this page on Amazon..  The Child Tracking Element is an easy to use device designed to give worried parents a quick way to locate their children when they wander away unexpectedly.  So, if they go too far with a friend, decide to play hide and seek, chase a ball into a wooded area, etc…You’ll know!
  • If a child should move more than the set alarm distance away from the parent, a 95 dB beep alarm is triggered both on the Base (parent element) and the Child Tracking Element unit (which is worn by the child).  This alerts the parent and also warns the child to stop moving away and return.  As an added safety measure you can imagine what that kind of an alarm going off would be like to someone who was actually trying to abduct your child.  The most common reaction would be to panic and leave. The parent element can also be set to play a melody and vibrates when the alarm is triggered. A row of 4 LEDs light sequentially to indicate in which direction the child has strayed.

At first, using the Guardian Angel was a little bit of a challenge.  Besides that, though, there really isn’t anything negative that we can say about the product.  Yes, there is a learning curve and setting up the unit and networks is not the easiest thing, but it is one of the more convenient and effective ways of tracking kids that we have used to date. However, the Guardian Angel is worth the money simply for the peace of mind and versatility in being able to track up to 4 children.