Tips For Tracking Your Kids Cell Phone Without Taking It Away

How to Track Your Kids Cell Phone without Taking it Away

When it comes to keeping kids safe while they use technology, things can get quite difficult. For some parents, the answer is to completely take away a child’s phone to look through the apps, and see if there is a digital footprint left behind. This of course doesn’t really help, and could very well prove […]

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10 Safety Travel Tips for Young Children

When you’re traveling with children, it is important to keep safety in mind. It is easy to overlook some of the basic ideas that you need for safety, as you no doubt are trying to make it through to your destination on time. Whether you’re flying, driving, or even taking a train, there are a […]

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What is Geo Fencing?


There was a time when I would have been reluctant to write this post.  Back in the day (ahem…my parents time and day) geo-fencing was not heard of.  GPS wasn’t even heard of, to be honest. Seriously, can you imagine (even today) having to explain geo-fencing to your parents or an older friend or relative?) […]

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5 Steps to Help Protect Your Latch Key Kid

We can’t all be there every day or every moment with or kids.  Some of us are single parents while others live in areas that require both parents to work.  It is a constant challenge and moral challenge to both maintain your child’s quality of living and living safely. You’ll never stop worrying about your […]

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Remember to Tell Your Kids About After School Safety

We sometimes take it for granted that our kids are safe when we sign them up for after school programs.  We have been brought up in different generations than those of today, though, and although we would like to trust, we just can’t.  More sets of parents need to work these days and there are […]

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What is an Amber Alert?

Most of us, in one shape or another, follow the news.  Whether that is via a newspaper, an app, your favorite websites, the radio on your morning drive, or from television news broadcasts.  And each time we hear the words “AMBER Alert” we cringe.  We know that another child is missing or has been taken. […]

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Why You and Your Child Need a GPS Watch

keeping children safe

You’re on a busy street.  You’re at a fair, carnival, or amusement park.  There was an emergency at the mall or department store.  Whatever it was that happened you and your child have become separated.  What do you do? Ask the police?  They’d be willing to help if they weren’t so busy responding to the […]

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