Apple Watch Review

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5/5 on July 3, 2016

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1,360 reviews


Great to use as a fitness tracker.

The most updated OS for the phone allows you to send emails

The most beautiful GPS watch on the market

Wifi is already built in


When Iphone is not nearby, it can be difficult to use.

Notifications are still a bit buggy



Despite a few minor flaws, the Apple watch is still the most beautiful and highest performing watch on the market.

Apple products have a long life cycle. When you purchase anything from them, you’re going to find that you can use it for a long period of time. Even if there’s a new updated version, the one you have will be quite good overall. One of the premier options that they have come out with in recent years is none other than the Apple Watch. This is a technology jump that many other companies can’t match, and Apple is continuing to promote. If you haven’t picked this up yet, and are interested in figuring out whether or not it’s right for you, consider this honest review of Apple’s latest tech.

Style and Apple Quality Tech

The first thing that you are going to see with the latest iteration of the Apple watch is design. There’s a design quality that is not only elegant, but functional. This is not a “calculator” watch, it is not something that is bulky, it’s sleek, and has that design element that you would expect from Apple’s design team. It easily syncs up with your iPhone, and makes it easier to get quick updates as you get up out of bed. Even though you don’t hear a lot of advertisements about it, this is still a hot commodity, and one of the main reasons why is because of the way it looks on your wrist. It’s simply designed, and pairs very well with your iPhone. You can pick up this option for as little as $299 today, and ramp it up towards $399 and more depending on what style, shape, and raw materials you want. There are still vendors that are selling the solid gold edition, for instance. You can get this for as low as $299 MSRP, and perhaps lower depending on where you look. That’s not that bad, when you consider some of the higher end watches for fashion can run you several thousands of dollars with no “tech” inside.

What’s Under The Hood?

Let’s consider for a moment what’s under the hood of this watch. Unlike fashion watches, there’s a lot underneath the face of this watch. Apple has done a lot to make this up to par with what their fan base wants, and expects. With that in mind, the specs that you will get here include a state of the art accelerometer, heart-rate monitor, GPs, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, headphone jack, built in speaker, and a microphone. This syncs with your iPhone with relative ease, and it’s very powerful on its own. You will find that this is like a “computer” in a watch, but remember, you need to have the iPhone to get this up to par with the expectation that you may have for it.

The Interface Design Front

When you look at the face of this phone, you’re going to find that the interface design is top notch. There are several nested elements within the interface. There are quick options that you can glance and get updated on, and then there are apps that are within the phone’s capabilities as well. The quick glance items are for notifications from social media, emails, and more. They are not full views, mind you, but are nested within the phone. As you swipe across, you will find that you will get full scale apps that you can open up that are fitted within the screen. This is surprisingly good, easy to read, and simple to use. It’s one of the most powerful elements of this phone’s UX.

Siri And Apps

One of the coolest features that you’re going to love with this phone is simple, Siri. Siri is now going to allow you to get through all the questions, and answers that you would get from your phone on your watch. You can reach Siri with ease, and you can speak directly to your watch and get the full functions that you would expect from your phone. This feature is quite interesting of course, but when you want to get to the apps, you can get away from Siri, and look at a circular UX that introduces you to apps in small frames. These circular graphics allow you to use your finger tip to open any app, make a phone call, and do everything you would normally do with your smartphone, on your phone. This makes you feel like you have a phone on your wrist, which is a powerful element found with the Apple Watch.

The Fitness Element

With the Apple Watch, you no longer need a step counter, or any other health element. The health and fitness elements that you want to have in place for your everyday needs, is now on your wrist. And when you combine it with a variety of other apps, you can have all the information you want to live a healthy life, and keep track of what you’re doing in real time. Measure heart rate, measure steps, measure when you’re standing still, and get a glimpse as to what you’re doing on any given moment. You can track everything, and even download other apps to help you harness the power of this watch for your fitness needs.

What If You Don’t Have Your Phone

A lot of pundits talk about how you have to utilize the iPhone and have it nearby. That’s not always the case. The Apple Watch knows whether or not your phone is near. If it is not, you can attach your watch to Wi-Fi and network to different applications. You can also pair the watch with Bluetooth and listen to music with a speaker, or any other elements that you may be able to connect with. Apple Watch comes with even more features, and definitely works like an iPhone without having to put your smartphone in your pocket all the time. It’s not 100% perfect, but it’s good enough to stand alone in a lot of ways.

The Final Word On The Apple Watch

There is a lot to look at when you consider breaking down this watch from Apple. There are long eBooks written about every aspect of this tech update. The bottom line is simple; this is a powerful tool for those that want the functionalities of their smartphone on their wrist. While it’s not perfect, it definitely showcases a huge jump in tech, and something that others haven’t been able to match just yet. This is definitely worthwhile, if you have an iPhone already. Functionality with Android and others is not going to pair well, unless you hack the systems a bit. This is worthwhile, that’s for sure.

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