10929069_10152717985412554_8640026230534279994_nI’m just a guy with kids.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Well, except that I watch waaay too much “Criminal Minds” (yes, re-runs) and real life crime solving shows like “The First 48”.  So, my obsessiveness with keeping kids safe is really forefront in my writing and reviews here at My Kids Geo.  I raised 3 young ladies, a young man, and I’m currently with a woman who may want to have kids for the first time.

I can’t think of anything more terrifying and gut wrenching then not knowing where my children are at any time of day or night.

To some that may seem a little controlling.  But I don’t care.  As far as I’m concerned we are put on this Earth to do only a few things with our lives:  Procreate and care for those offspring being two of them.  It’s a primal concern that parents have about their kids:  Their safety-at all times and in all situations.  As I review more and more GPS watches and devices for kids, I am also finding myself more and more engrossed in studying kidnapping, runaways, human sex trafficking and other heinous crimes committed against children.  I gotta’ tell you, it just makes my leash a little bit shorter with my kids.  It’s a shame that that is the world that we live in today but it is what it is and MY JOB and OTHER PARENT’s JOBS (like I said above) is to care for our children.

I will do my best to add insightful articles so that we can learn together and to ONLY offer my true and heartfelt opinion on the GPS watches, locators, and children tracking devices that I review. Please feel free to drop me a line when you need some info or just want to chat.

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