7 Reasons Why People KNOW that a GPS Watch for Kids is a GREAT Idea


No one likes to be tracked.  Not anyone.  There’s always a subject of privacy in the news today.  Just recently with the NSA and Edward Snowden as well as Apple vs the FBI NOT releasing cell phone records in regards to the San Bernardino attacks.  Everyone wants their privacy and there are those who are fighting in the name of privacy against the government knowing too much about us.  I get that.

But I also feel like this:  You only get ALL of your rights once you turn 18.  Until then, I think that it is in every parent’s right to take away lots of that right to privacy from their kids.  Is this setting a bad precedent and rearing generations who are used to having no complete privacy?  Perhaps.

However, I would rather someone call me an over-bearing parent than a negligent one and I will always that my kids be safe rather in harm’s way and know there was something that I could do to protect them further but instead I opted to let them be more “free-ranging”.

Mind you, I’m not talking about a 16 year or 17-year-old high school student with a blue, yellow, and pink, kid’s GPS watch.  Negative.  That really would be negligent.  LOL.  I’m talking about those kids who are just learning a little bit of independence but who we all know are not ready for that outside world yet and the situations and decisions that sometimes present themselves.  I can’t tell you at what age it become appropriate and what it age it becomes inappropriate to track your kids.  But I can tell you that you never really stop worrying about their well-being.

So, in case your curious about GPS watches for kids and whether they may be appropriate for your family, parenting style, and child’s needs here are some reasons that they are a good idea.

7 Reasons A Kid’s GPS Watch is a Good Idea

Improves Child Safety

If this isn’t on the top of anyone’s list then it really, really should be, right?  A GPS watch is a current, at-the-moment, life line between you and your child and their location.  Walking to and from school, waiting at bus stop…anywhere.  It could be dangerous or at least make them feel uncomfortable.  If you have a child with special medical conditions they and you can get a hold of you with a simple click.

Peace of Mind to Parents

Who wants to worry the whole dang time that their kids are away?  Some people are naturally more resilient to worry and others, well, they are what some people like to call “worry warts”.  That’s okay.  It’s our kids we’re talking about so worry all you want or as little as you need. It’s your right and duty as a parent. But when that time comes when you’re curious or pulling your hair out worried for your child, then it’s good to have that peace of mind that you know they’re okay and where they’re at.

Kids Don’t Mind

As a matter of fact, they might love it.  It’s not like every fourth grader is going to have an Apple or Android smart watch.  Your kid probably won’t either.  But what they can have is a cool, watch that can do many things.  It can be a fitness tracker.  It can have games.  Oh, and tell the time with alerts and alarms.  So, it may save your child’s life and give you peace of mind but you may find that your child rocks their watch and other kids will want one too.

Location on Your Child at Anytime

Have they arrived at school?  Did the bus arrive at the soccer game?  Is the birthday party at the pizza factory already underway?  Why the heck is your 14-year-old at the mall without asking permission?  These are all things that a kid’s GPS watch can track for you.

SOS Button Equals Contact in a Flash

Then there’s the SOS button.  If your child is in a pinch (i.e. Emergency Situation) then they get a hold of you with just a push of a button.  Most GPS watches and tracking devices for kids these days come with an SOS button and that’s pretty freaking awesome if you ask me.  They know you’re a push of a button away and you know that they know that which makes you feel 100% better.

Two Way Kids Calling

No need to get your child a cell phone.  If they want to call a friend of theirs then many kid’s GPS watches today come with a two-way calling function to connect and call other devices.  Many devices limit the amount of numbers or contacts that a device can contact but still, it’s an option that your kid will definitely love.

Tracking History

Then there’s this:  You can look back at all of your kid’s locations at a later date.  They might not like it (particularly the older kids) but that’s why you’re a parent.  They’re aren’t in charge.  And, in the most extreme circumstances-when your child is missing-then you can be a help to the authorities in re-tracing your child’s locations and steps in the recent past.

You can check out all of the GPS watches and devices that we’ve reviewed here at My Kid’s Geo on this page. 

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