10 Safety Travel Tips for Young Children

Important Tips

When you’re traveling with children, it is important to keep safety in mind. It is easy to overlook some of the basic ideas that you need for safety, as you no doubt are trying to make it through to your destination on time. Whether you’re flying, driving, or even taking a train, there are a few common sense safety tips that you should keep in mind whenever you decide to take a vacation. Even if it’s a short trip, consider the following 10 simple tips to help you keep going forward.

Do Not Wait For The Last Minute To Plan

Planning ahead is crucial to your trip on a lot of different levels. However, specifically for children, make sure that you consider picking out and setting aside things that they are specifically going to need. This includes clothing, first aid kits, and different little things that they may need while you’re on the road or in the air. It’s easy to overlook this. To avoid issues, simply plan ahead and make sure that you’re able to gain a bit of peace when it’s time to go.

Booster Seats and Child Restraint Options

Whether you’re flying or driving, children under 40 pounds are required to have specialized seats wherever they are. In the case of flying, federal regulations require children to have special options for flying. You’ll find that you can bring these elements on the airplane with you, or ask for specific considerations in this regards. For vehicles, a car seat or booster seat is mandatory, and in some states the law goes beyond the 40-pound guideline. Keeping children safely restrained and comfortable is a very important thing while traveling.

Consider Emergencies You May Have

As you plan ahead, make sure that you consider any medical emergencies that may take place. Think of minor issues mostly, including scraped knees, sun burn, and other elements that could occur. You don’t need to pack a giant medical kit, but having a few things on hand such as band aids, antibiotic ointment, rash cream, and other little medical elements can help you when you’re away from home.

Make Children’s Luggage Easily Accessible

One of the best safety tips that you can utilize when you’re traveling with children is in regards to their luggage. Keep that nearby, and don’t check it in when flying. Children have a tendency to need certain things while on the way, and you could easily make your life easier by having their things nearby. All carry on luggage for children should have essential items, including special medications, dietary elements, and things that you may need. It’s best to be prepared than to be caught off guard, that’s for sure.

Keep Simple Medical Documents With You

When traveling, you may end up dealing with a hospital visit or a doctor’s visit. Regardless of what the issue may be, it’s best to have simple medical information with you at all times. This will help with treatment options, and if you’re traveling into a foreign country, it can communicate any medical concerns easier than having to explain everything. This also helps with identification, and peace of mind. Vaccination updates, any medications currently being taken, and emergency contact information should all be part of this portfolio.

Don’t Overdo It

It is easy to plan for a lot of activities and fill your day with a schedule that tries to pack in as much fun as possible. This is not initially bad, but you have to remember that small children are not going to be able to manage an 8 – 10-hour day of fun. They are going to need a break in between the adventure you’re going to have. Furthermore, children don’t process new environments as fast as adults can, so it’s imperative that things be taken in stride, lest they succumb to exhaustion.

Sun Screen All The Time

No matter where you’re going, if there’s sun, you need to have sun screen put on children all the time. This means reapplying often, and making sure that their skin is covered, they are wearing hats, shades, and more. Children’s skin can get burned fast, and when they have sunburned areas, trips can become a serious nightmare as a result. To avoid this, always remember sunscreen, even if you see overcast skies, you don’t want to risk sunburn or issues related to heat exhaustion.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Alas, one of the easiest things to forget about is food and drink. More importantly, drinking water. It’s easy to forget to do this while you’re on vacation and traveling, but it’s important for children not to forget this. Drinking plenty of water while on the road may mean a bit more pit stops, but it will keep them safe and sound in the long term.

Always Keep Them Close

Traveling with small children can be tough when they are prone to running around, and getting excited about new things. It’s for that reason that you should keep them close, and make sure that you have an eye on them at all times. In the case of toddlers, and smaller children, make sure to give them breaks from walking whenever you can, and hold hands whenever in public. Never take eyes off of them, and make sure that they have identification on them. Instruct them to show identification, with phone numbers and information to any security or worker where they may be, in case they are lost. However, for safety reasons, don’t ever take eyes off of them.

Create a Safety Checklist

One of the best travel tips that you can take with you today is simple, create a safety checklist so that you can ensure that everything is going well overall. This may seem like a lot of work at first glance, but it’s going to deliver peace of mind. Consider lists for packing, planning, safety elements, sunscreen application, and more. The more you plan ahead, the better off you’re going to be when traveling with small children, guaranteed. It’s a great idea to move forward with, and could pay off dividends, no doubt. A little extra planning can help you and your family stay safe while traveling near and far.



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